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Apple may not call a troll a troll

July 8th, 2014 | tags: Intellectual Property

Honolulu-based GPNE Corp. has sued Apple   for infringing some paging, packet radio and network patents it owns.  In a pre-trial ruling issued last week  the Judge laid down some guidelines for this one.

In the course of the trial, the jury is not to hear Apple use the phrases

– patent troll
– pirate
– bounty hunter
– privateer
– bandit
– paper patent
– stick up
– shakedown
– playing the lawsuit lottery
– corporate shell game or
– a corporate shell

Apple may, however, refer to GPNE as a

– non-practicing entity
– licensing entity
– patent assertion entity
– company that doesn’t make anything or
– company that doesn’t sell anything


I really think it is time to change the Patent laws so that if you do not use a Patent to build or produce something within some reasonable time (say three years) then it becomes public property.