April Fool’s Roundup

April 2nd, 2011 | tags: Board Services
April 2, 2011 By Alexander Muse Leave a Comment

For those of you who are still wondering, the release of GreyScale yesterday was an April Fool’s joke. When we filed it under ‘April Fools’ I figured everyone would immediate realize it was actually an April Fool’s joke. But some folks didn’t realize we were joking. We got lots of calls and lots of email from folks who didn’t realize it was just a our standard April Fool’s hi-jinx. Why do we do it? Sometimes a team, especially one on a death march of coding like we are, needs a break. Earlier in the week we all dropped everything and started thinking about what to do for April Fool’s. It took us about two hours to come up with the idea, draw the pictures and draft the releases – two hours of much needed light hearted tomfoolery.

I just wanted to thank a few co-conspirators including Mark Cuban, Jeff Clavier, Dave McClure, David Cohen, Jay Adelson, Gabriella Draney and Aaron Patzer. Each allowed us to use their names as investors and help spread the word via Twitter, Facebook and their blogs. This was the first time we included third-parties in our prank. I also wanted to thank Sequioa and the team from Color for giving us the idea for GreyScale – we couldn’t have done it without you guys. Finally, if you are actually interested in developing GreyScale we are willing to transfer all of the IP as well as the $41 we collected in exchange for 2% of the new company (keep us posted). :)

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