Immigration Plan

August 3rd, 2010 | tags: Board Services

I was about to write a blog about immigration, when I remembered to check out my son’s proposal from 2006. I still like his slant on the issue. As the politicians get ready for yet another round of amnesty, I wonder if the Democrats would be so supportive if there was only a path to a Green Card and no path to citizenship for anyone here illegally. In other words is this all about increasing the number of Democratic voters?

Here is the Alexander Muse Plan:
“I have written about my ideas for immigration on several occasions including an original plan in April of 2006 and then again in October of 2007.  The main idea is to apply common sense to immigration.

First, I think there we need a special program for anyone who is well educated, has connections or has significant resources.  Immigration doesn’t need to be fair.  If you have a lot to offer we shouldn’t wait for you to request permission to come to the US, instead we should ask you to come.  We need more smart people in the US.  Our country was built by immigrants.  We shouldn’t assume all of the smartest people are already here.  Why are there more cab drivers from Africa here than engineers from India or China?

Second, there needs to be a plan for those immigrants who aren’t well educated, who don’t have strong connections or resources.

The concept behind my solution is to recognize that workers from Latin America are here to stay.  My plan allows anyone from Latin America to work and live freely in the United States under the following conditions:

  • They register as a non-citizen worker before entry.
  • They must pass a criminal background check before entry.
  • They receive a non-citizen passport issued by the U.S. before entry.
  • They must obtain a U.S. based bank account.
  • They must obtain a U.S. drivers license in order to drive in the U.S.
  • They must not vote in Federal, State or local elections.
  • They must not apply for or receive welfare.
  • Their children may attend public schools.
  • They may use public healthcare facilities as long as they pay the medical bills within one year.
  • They must not commit any crime.
  • They do not have to pay taxes on the first $35,000 of income per family per year (no SS or Unemployment).
  • They must return to their home country if they are unemployed for more than six months (stay at home mothers/fathers exempt if spouse is working).

Workers are only half of the solution.  The other half will be employers:

  • Employers must conduct instant checks on each newly hired non-citizen and recheck those non-citizens each quarter.
  • Employers must report non-citizen employment, and income.
  • Employers do not need to withhold any taxes.
  • Employers do not need to provide health insurance.
  • Employers must not pay more than $35,000 per year to non-citizen employees.

The penalties:

  • Make it a felony (mandatory jail time) for employing a non-registered worker.
  • Make it a felony for working in the US without registering.
  • Expel workers who commit crimes, do not pay medical bills, or remain unemployed.

The carrot:

  • Allow non-citizen workers who have lived and worked in the US for more than five years, have a clean record and have paid their bills to move to the head of the line for citizenship (they will, of course, lose their tax free status).

Let me know if I missed anything. We can make this work.”

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