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Greenbacks and Green Power

June 28th, 2010 | tags: Board Services

I found some interesting statistics in the June 21st Bloomberg Businessweek. They have a chart showing the investments in “green power” and the return on this investment (gigawatts of power, % of total capacity) for six countries.

Based on the spending (2005-2010) the Billions dollars spent per gigawatt produced ranged from .7 in Germany, to 3.1 in Brazil. Quite a large range. The US number is 2.3.

Spain and Germany are the only countries that have anywhere near 30% of the total capacity in “Green Power”, however they are worlds apart in how they did it Germany paying only .7 Billion per Gigawatt and Spain paying 2.8 Billion per Gigawatt.  The bad news is that the US is planning (Cap and Tax Bill) to look more like Spain and not like Germany.

Also these numbers do not include Nuclear as “Green”.